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It’s hard to ignore the influence of the Internet and new media on marketing, and for the shoestring marketer, they offer fantastic opportunities.

It really levels the playing field, as a small business can look just as capable and professional on the Internet as a large corporation. Both can reach huge numbers of customers; in fact the whole world; at a very low cost per contact.

But just having a website doesn't change anything. It has to be promoted, perhaps through e-mail marketing or e-newsletters. References must be made to it in other marketing materials (remember the importance of integration!).

We'll help you take your business on-line or update your current website. We can also give you the ability to keep your website up-to-date yourself, so you won't have to go through us unless you want to.

By using the most up-to-date search engine optimisation and submission methods, we'll also ensure that your site has maximum visibility when potential customers search the web with, for example, Google and Yahoo.

Web and email marketing offer opportunities to any scale of business, but for a small enterprise, they can really make a huge difference.

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