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public relations

PR is so much more than the issuing of press releases, although this is an important element.

We're talking about seminars, speeches, sponsorships, charitable work, events, publicity-stunts, word-of-mouth, testimonials, referrals ...

Many business think that their activities are of no interest to the media and that they have nothing newsworthy to say.

But just stop and think about the number of TV channels, newspapers, magazines, radio stations, websites out there, all looking for news to fill their schedules and pages.

There are many "hooks"; in your business for a news item; these include the arrival of new staff, products or services; sponsorship; new premises; anniversaries (years or number of products); and involvement in the local community.

Any of these events and more could be covered in the media, giving your company 'free'; and valuable publicity.

PR is perhaps the most untapped resource of the shoestring marketer; we can harness these opportunities - and make them work for you!

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