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Marketing Tool: Company Identity

Marketing Tactic: Consolidating

Client: Victor Boats/Musto Performance Skiff

When Devoti engaged Marketing on a Shoestring they already had a company logo and a logo for the sponsor branded product the Musto Performance Skiff.

However, their use of the logo was inconsistent and as such they were not building a company identity that could be recognised as it was always similar but different.

Marketing on a Shoestring consolidated their identity to a set colour and font set and worked with Musto Performance Clothing to create a Musto Performance Skiff logo that fitted with both Devoti and Musto.

Now all branding has consolidated to a standard logo on the web, in brochures, on price lists, on letter head and even email footers.

Below are some usage examples.

Company IDs
Building IDs
market research
company id
direct marketing
websites and e-marketing
data management
project management
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