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Marketing Tool: Direct Marketing

Marketing Tactic: e-Newsletters

Client: Victor Boats/Musto Performance Skiff

With customers in 13 different countries across 2 continents it is a challenge to keep in touch with the Musto Skiff customer base, and also potentially expensive.

Marketing on a Shoestring developed an e-Newsletter concept that is sent to customers and prospective customers once a month. The e-Newsletter observes all the current legislation regarding email/spam and has all the necessary unsubscribe options (not that many people unsubscribe - 0.2% over a year).

We developed a sign-up box on the Musto Skiff website and promoted the e-Newsletter via the on-line forum.

The great thing about e-Newsletters is that the cost hardly increases as the number of readers does so the growth of readership of 14% per month is great news.

The other added advantage of using and e-Newsletter is that it is possible to know who is reading which articles. This allows us at Marketing on a Shoestring to develop and target the content to keep readership levels increasing.

We provide html and text only options and Devoti are provided with readership reports each month.

Even if you are not interested in sailing why not sign up just to see what the e-Newsletters are like.

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