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Marketing Tool: Data Management

Marketing Tactic: Client Database

Client: Victor Boats/Musto Performance Skiff

It is important that Devoti maintained an up-to-date customer database to allow them to keep the owners informed of regatta schedules and to service the customer base with new and spare parts.

Devoti also wanted to encourage owners to share their experiences of the boat and to help prospective owners find existing owners so that they could then see and try the boat.

To achieve this Marketing on a Shoestring created an on-line forum for owners using the free Yahoo Groups service - this allowed us to gather customer data.

The data from the forum was then combined with the sales data to create a database in Excel that gave Devoti 95% coverage of their customer base.

With the approval of the owners a sub-set of the data was published on-line so that prospective customers could find existing owners to request a test sail.

The database is maintained by Marketing on a Shoestring and a copy presented to Devoti once a month.

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