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Marketing Tool: Print Advertising

Marketing Tactic: Magazine Advertising

Client: Lapel Mens Hire Ltd

Many small businesses run print ad's in a number of different titles and it's usually the magazine or newspaper that puts the advertisement together for the client. The primary focus for the title is to sell the advertising space and secondary to that is the development of your advertisement. They of course want your advertisement to be successful for the business, otherwise you won't come back, but they often perhaps could do a better job.

Having your own advertising artwork ensures that your adverts carry your message in a consistent way and that your branding is always correct. You can also use the fact that you have artwork to negotiate harder for a better price for your page space as the title will not have to develop your advertisement.

At Marketing on a Shoestring we can develop your advert in a number of different formats and provide you with a number of CD's that you can give to the titles you work with. Alternatively you can tell us the titles you wish to work with and leave the whole job to us, we can often achieve very good discounts on media.

Below is the print advert developed for Lapel Mens Hire Ltd.

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