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Consider the 3 M's - "Message, Media and Money."

So what are you going to say – what is your message? We’ll help you catch the attention of your target audience and promote the benefits of what you offer, rather than just the features of your products or service.

Today, the choice of media to get your ideas across is vast: Internet, print, broadcast, classifieds, directories, packaging, billboards, cinema; the list goes on. We'll help you select the media that have the correct fit, not only with your target audience but also with your message.

The final consideration is money: which media can your business afford and do they fit with your objectives? If you can only serve another 20 customers then there is no point using wide-broadcast media – go for something more targeted. You also need to consider frequency; that is, how often you will advertise. Remember that just doing one advert is rarely effective.

We can take care of all these issues and offer you a complete and integrated solution, in harmony with all your other marketing materials.

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