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The Marketing Toolbox

Most people enjoy getting into the details before they actually have a plan. It's human nature to get stuck into some activity and "just do it"; it makes us feel as if we are achieving something.

However, this approach is usually counter-productive. We recommend that you step back, form a plan and then follow it.

Don't get stuck with the wrong tool for the job.

Just think about it; the number of tools in the marketing toolbox is truly astounding, ranging from classified ads in your local paper to national TV campaigns. You can send a hand-written letter to a prospect; or an email newsletter to 200,000 clients.

In addition, you are probably getting a lot of contradictory advice; a local printer says you need a new brochure, a web designer insists that a website is essential...

Not all of the tools in the marketing toolbox will be suitable for your business, but many will do a great job for you. Work with us and we will use our years of knowledge and experience to select the right tools for the job; without bias; and use them to drive your business.

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