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Small Business Marketing

Small Business Marketing Solutions

We can help you win and retain customers, without the need for big budgets or specialist staff. Marketing on a Shoestring is a one-stop, high-quality marketing agency for small businesses*.

Think professional marketing is beyond your means? Or that you have to limit your marketing activities? Not true!

We can act as your small business's 'marketing department', taking care
of all your marketing and communication needs. Just like an 'in-house' department, we'll be there to answer your questions, give advice and provide the professional expertise you require - without all those added costs.

* What is a small business? - Our clients usually have less than 50 staff; but we have also completed projects for large corporations. Read what our clients say >>>

total solutions in kent marketing agency - kent, UK
Winning and retaining customers for businesses with small budgets but BIG ambitions!
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Marketing Agency, Kent, England (UK)
Small business marketing solutions (SME's), England (UK)

Small Business Marketing

Everything your business does will affect its ability to win and retain customers. We are based in Canterbury, Kent, UK. We work with small businesses (SME's) but have also done work for large corporate's

How we work with Small Businesses (SME's)

We can take care of all your marketing activities, or can simply help out in the areas where you need assistance most. We provide all the services of a full service agency.

Who we are

This service was founded by Rick Perkins and is supported by a network of freelance experts and other small businesses.

Client Case Studies

Examples of or work and feedback from clients

Get in touch

Phone us, fax us, email us, text us, write to us, or just complete the form and we'll contact you. Are we your marketing agency?

Marketing Toolbox

Most people enjoy getting into the detail before they actually have a plan. We recommend that you step back, form a plan and then work according to it.

Market Research

Most projects should start with some research. Research - the starting point from an affordable agency. Marketing Kent.

Company Identities for small businesses (SME's)

Do you have one, or do you think logo's and identity is just for big corporate's?

Advertising for small businesses

Is your advertising working, are the right messages reaching the right audience at a cost effective price?

Brochures and Print

We'll help you get the most out of your print spend through integrating all your different items and perhaps even help you lower your print spend.

Direct Marketing

Direct Marketing is about having a one to one communication with your customer or prospect.

Public Relations

PR is so much more than press releases, although this is an important part.

Data Management

Many small business have a fantastic asset that they don't ever call upon, customer data.

Project Management/working with small businesses (SME's)

One of the most important things to achieve is that all of the tools that are selected for your project are used in harmony, this is called integration.

Small business marketing solutions (SME's), England (UK)

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Marketing Agency, Kent, England (UK)

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